Jonquils anyone?

IMG_7101When I see or say the word “jonquil” it makes me smile and automatically feel happy. Yellow, orange, peach–the colors are so bright. Lucky me, my house sits in a field of daffodils surrounded by a white-rail fence. Lovely to say the least. And the smell, better than any perfume.

IMG_7068IMG_7080Each year on the first Saturday in March, my hometown of Gibsland, Louisiana hosts the Jonquil Jubilee which includes  booths of crafts, food, and flowers. This year I shared a booth with my sister. I sold my books and she had her bird photography on cards, mugs, note cards, prints, and much more. We had such fun meeting new people and catching up with old friends. We love this community and having family around. My parents and another sister shared the day with me.

After the vendors packed up, my sisters and I took off on the back roads to see all the flowers for ourselves. Fields of the jolly jonquils blowing in the cool breeze allowed us to photograph them. If only we could have captured their scent on our cameras. We do have the memories if not all the senses bottled. I’m sharing a few here. Enjoy.


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