“S” on the Shelf


Recently, I shared what the Gs look like on my personal bookshelf. Gray has wonderful company. Now, let’s look at my S shelf. That’s right! In the same vicinity as Shakespeare and Steinbeck!

I have many copies of Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty. My oldest copy in on my children’s bookshelf. Next is a remarkable author Amber Schamel and Days of Messiah Vol 1. I have all of her works on my shelf.

Then I have two of my favorite authors side by side. Can you imagine filing your books next to William Shakespeare? I have volumes of Shakespeare’s works in a glass bookcase. Here in my library I have his Sonnets. Toni Shiloh gets the honor of residing next to the Bard. Her novel Returning Home is one of many that I own.

Enjoy Amish novels? Beth Shriver offers Annie’s Truth. Next to her novels is Rachel Skatvold and her Ladies of Ardena series, Lady Airell’s Choice. Amish to Medieval. I love the choices.

Mary Helen Specht has a debut novel Migratory Animals that takes the reader to Africa and back. I’ve enjoyed Anne Easter Smith’s historical novels like Queen by Right.  Interested in the Wives of David? Jill Eileen Smith has a great series with Abigail as # 2.

Just writing these titles and seeing these covers makes me want to read them all again.

Do you have some S authors to add?

3 thoughts on ““S” on the Shelf

  1. Katie Gray

    How lovely! I know why you chose the letter G last time, but what made you choose the letter S. I had no idea you were a collector of Shakespeare! I would like to read some of your S books!


  2. Carla Moore

    I would not even know which book to win…they both are lovely and look like good reads! Thank you for your generosity and Happy Spring! Love the S Collection


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