December Giveaway

We’ve made it to the joyful Christmas Season. I hope you and yours are counting your blessings as you concentrate on those things that matter most. May God be in the middle of it all, the focus of all your celebrations.

I’m giving away a print copy of Bring Me Near by me and one of All That Glitters by Jennifer Sienes to US residents. Please comment in order to enter for your chance to win one of the books.

What traditions do you plan to include this year in your celebrations? Or perhaps share a favorite recipe or treat? Or a gift idea?

28 thoughts on “December Giveaway

  1. Melissa Andres

    Our Christmas will be quite quiet this year. All our regular parties have been canceled, so we’re going to enjoy being together as a family. Cozy nights with Christmas lights and cookies!


  2. Paula Shreckhise

    I have a tradition for my grandkids. I hand make ornaments for each of them. This year I am making small gnomes. Our ladies craft group at church made them last year. We were ahead of the trend.
    Our tradition of a Christmas Eve candlelight service may not happen this year.


  3. Lynn Brown

    I will probably help my mom do some baking as best as we can. I always wear a mask around her because of risk factors so it might not be as much as usual years.


  4. Roxanne C.

    My daughter and I have officially started to listen to Christmas music which is her favorite part of the season. I plan to reinstate an older tradition of reading Christmas stories to her, and I will help her make a Christmas gift for he grandma.


  5. Debra J Pruss

    We have always baked as a family. This year, we will not be able to do so with my Mom now in a hospital and then being moved to a rehab facility. My husband and I will do some baking, but on a smaller scale.


  6. Both of these books looks like fantastic reads. Would love to read and review books in print format. I read one of your other books and it was fantastic.
    Some traditions I will be planning to add in my celebrations this are: celebrating Jesus’ Birthday and being joyous about it, Making Christmas cookies with Mom and Dad and a tradition I started and that was their Christmas gifts from Omaha Steaks, Other traditions I plan to celebrate this is singing Happy Birthday to Jesus for His Birthday. Also, my favorite treat is pretty much almost anything considered junk food.
    Thanks for chance to win.
    Hope I Win.


  7. Morgan

    I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day with my family and then we have a huge get-to-gether at our grandparents. The best part is baking with friends and family, i love the smell of baking cookies!!!!


  8. Katie Gray

    I have yet to read a Christmas book this year so I hope to be able to read this one you are giving away!!! This year I will try to bake my grandmothers chocolate treats called Lincoln logs. And I will make my mamas holiday cookies!


  9. Hesper Fry

    My tradition is to make Vanilla butter sugar cookies with frosting with my 2 daughters. We have so much fun and the cookies taste so good!


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