My June Giveaway

Welcome to my June Giveaway, June 21-27! I chose to give away a copy of Bring Me Near, Book Three in the Revolutionary Faith Series since in takes place at a period leading up to our Independence from Britain. 1775 was a pivotal time of battles and war plans. Charles Town citizens and the Sons of Liberty entered a volatile commitment to the war and separation.

Also, I am giving away a copy of The Green Dress by Liz Tolsma. This is part of a great, creative, interesting series called True Colors, Historical Stories of American Crime. I plan on reading every one of them by many different authors.  

To enter, please leave a comment. As the fourth of July approaches, what plans do you have to celebrate?

32 thoughts on “My June Giveaway

  1. Great giveaway, thanks.
    Love the book cover and excerpts. The book cover of Bring Me Near is fantastic. The woman’s look intrigues me and calls me to read and review the book. Would love to read and review the books. The book cover for The Green Dress is interesting. Would love to read and review this book too.
    As the fourth of July approaches, what plans do you have to celebrate? Well… since April 22, 2021 (The day Dad and I were diagnosed with COVID), Dad has been in and out of the hospital and I’m still recovering and it took over 2 months to get my taste back now I’m an unpaid caregiver for my Mom who is immobile. Dad is in rehab now so plans for fourth will be with some of the family sometime. God willing we celebrate on the fourth but even if we don’t celebrate the fourth on the exact day you get bet we will celebrate sometime. But our celebration will be with part of our family and our faith will get us there and carry us through and draw us nearer to God.
    Hope I Win

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      1. conniepsaunders

        Our church has planned a July 4th celebration. After morning service, we will have grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, along with a potluck picnic. A special gospel group will provide music and there will be blowups for the kids. We are hoping to draw people back to church after our long struggle with dealing with the pandemic restrictions.
        Happy 4th to you!
        cps1950(at) gmail (dot)com


  2. A neighborhood block party! We have not had one in over a year, so this is an all holiday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, bring your favorite food and drink…it will be a blast!


  3. Debra J Pruss

    I am not sure if we will have my Dad over for dinner or if we will just have a quiet day (as quiet as it can be with fireworks going off) with the two of us. So far, our three cats have not minded the fireworks going off. I hope they continue. God bless you.


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