A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Honestly, I miss vacations and the planning of vacations. Almost every year I go to Charleston, South Carolina because I ADORE this charming city. But, as you know, not much traveling is happening right now. COVID19 summer could be a bummer for travel. So far, I’m staying home except for jaunts to state parks and wide open places.

So, I stroll down memory lane with my pictures. Those blessed souvenirs of past travels. Why does Charleston come to mind when I’ve been many other places? Well, last year I spent a week there with my wonderful sisters. I can relive each day with them and return thankful that we had the time together.

I’ve also spent time in Charleston with my husband–early in our marriage and recently. While I enjoyed researching my novels, he found unique places and facts that made it into my books. The male perspective is good material every now and again.

About ten years ago, when my novels where just a speck in my cluttered brain, I found myself on a plane on my way to Charleston all by myself. I needed to find the connection between my ideas and the historical value. I found it in the streets of Charleston–the museum, the churches, the houses, the streets, the bookstores, the dungeon, the harbor.

The great thing about vacations (because they are over so quickly) is the memories. These I can conjure up at any point. The pictures sure do help. As I’m waiting to be able to fly away to a fun destination, the stroll flowing with memories will have to suffice.

How about you? Are you vacationing this summer? Where? If not, what past vacations are you remembering? Enjoy the stroll.