Decorate with Books

I’m doing something I never thought I’d do. My husband and I own and run three Airbnb properties. My son told me five months ago, “Just try it, Mom. You might find you enjoy dealing with the different guests. You might even see it as a way to help during this time.”

Well, I knew the idea hung outside my comfort zone. What did I know about owning and hosting an Airbnb, must less three of them? Sure, I could keep a house for my family, but strangers? What needs would they have? Would I be able to meet those expectations?

One of my favorite parts of the project is the decorating. I feel I meet a need when I make it homey. I always include a variety of reading options. I place some of my favorite books by authors I follow in the rooms. I hope to entice the guests to read a good book and possibly find a new author. Whenever I stay at a BnB or Airbnb, I always gravitate to a bookshelf or a nightstand to browse the offerings. What better way to entertain my guests!

Perhaps you see a favorite author from my pictures of my houses. What books do you use as an entertainment for your family and guests?

My Fall TBR stack

img_5180.jpgI love finishing one stack of books and starting another.  I always have another group to fill my hours and captivate me with some interesting plots and historical adventures. The books I share here are all print copies. I have another list of eBooks and audible books. Needless to say, I’m never without a good read.

The one I am reading now is by Debbie Lynne Costello, The Perfect Bride. I’m escaping to 1399 England where chivalry, arranged marriage, and feuds are prevalent. I’ve almost finished it. I’ve read many of Debbie’s novels.

The Forbidden Queen by Anne O’Brien takes place in 1415 England and France. The rivalry and back and forth of crowns and property keep the characters wondering what is next for the two countries.

A friend sent me a book by Victoria Connelly, The Heart of the Garden, because she knows my love of gardens and mazes. I look forward to finding a comfortable window seat and reading this jewel during October. Perhaps it will be chilly and conducive to a few hours of leisure.

I bought The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon at a bookstore in North Carolina off of a Great American Read display. I might or might not like this one. Hopefully, it is better than another I found at the same place. I’ll let you know.

Another novel by Debbie Lynne Costello, Sword of the Matchmaker, which also takes place in 1399 England, is tucked in my stack. As I’ve stated before, I really enjoy Debbie’s books.

And the last one is Valley of Decision, The Carthage Chronicles 3, by Lynne Gentry. This is a time travel novel. I’ve read the first two and learned a lot about third century Carthage through the eyes and life of a woman from Dallas, Texas.

Perhaps you will find a book here that sparks your interest.

What are you reading now?