Butterflies and Zinnias

My year is full of butterflies and zinnias (and sunflowers and bumble bees)! I know each year when August rolls around that beauty will continue to burst forth as the intricately-patterned, winged masterpieces flit from a myriad of colored heads, gaining nectar and nourishment. They are holding on to summer, prolonging the hot, muggy days and enjoying the pollen after the afternoon showers.

And I watch while venturing into the heat that I wish away, not realizing I’m sending them away with my selfish thoughts. My dog and cats sleep in the shade or inside in the cool air desiring the fall breeze too.

I know summer is ending when school starts. My online roster zooms to 250 students “eager” to learn Spanish and French. As my garden wilts—the vegetables and lilies gone for the season—my “lazy” days change to full agendas. Am I ready? Part of me wants the butterflies and zinnias to stay—to prolong the season.

Yet, God ordained the changes for a purpose. As the fall lurks close by, I can almost smell the cool breeze—Almost! I make my fall plans including what to write, read, and edit. I add weekend adventures, always pleasant in the crisp weather. Ideas for Christmas gifts and activities creep into my day planner.

Good-bye summer. Oh…not yet.

My butterflies and zinnias tell a different story as they have a tenacious hold on the season for another month. I’ll take my cues from them and enjoy the slow days of the season.

What season do you enjoy most?

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Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Fall y’all. Are you guys as happy as I am with the change of seasons? Something about this year made the summer seem so long. Perhaps because my summer started in March with the close of school. Anyway, it seems with the date change to September 22, the weather participated perfectly. That says a lot because in Louisiana the heat tends to linger into October. For this week, its cool and wet, perfect for long walks and porch time.

With the temperature change comes blankets and socks! The first thing I do each morning is pull on a thick pair of crazy socks, grab a cup of hot tea and a blanket on my way to the porch. Oh, nothing better to wake me up for my day.

Because of the cooler weather, Tully and I can walk anytime we want without the sun beating on us, coaxing us inside. He’s ready to be entertained by all the leaves, puddles, and other creatures scurrying around. We both are enjoying the crisp, pure, smells of fall whether it is the dew or the rain on the breeze. It just fills the air with newness.

Anyone for fall decorations? I love the browns, oranges, reds, and golds. I really wish those were the colors for the entire year! It’s hard for me not to decorate for Thanksgiving in September. Instead, I put a few items out and enjoy the slow addition of pumpkins and leaves and turkeys.

So, what have I left out? Food and drinks. I haven’t started hot chocolate of cider yet but it’s enticing. Tonight, we have a chili event which always welcomes fall. Cornbread, venison, pumpkin, squash, marshmallows….yum, yum.

Welcome to fall. Share about your likes or possibly dislikes of fall.

September Personal Giveaway

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Perhaps you will share one thing you like about fall. I love the fresh, cool mornings on my front porch with hot tea.