NaNoWriMo recap

IMG_4729I want to give a little shout out for an awesome group: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Before COVID19 attacked, I had signed up to participate in the April Writing Camp. I set my goal at 30,000 words on my new work in progress, Whispers of Wisdom. I didn’t know if I could meet my goal, since normally I teach full time. I will add that I did meet the November NaNoWriMo 50,000 goal for 2019. Yet, I knew I’d have to adjust to add new words every day in the spring.

IMG_4437Then, I had a lot of help. No more full time teaching for the school year. I treated my writing as a job. I researched in March finding resources in French and English to support my plot. The topic: 1747 France, Chenonceau Château, Enlightenment, Salons, Rousseau, gardening, Madame Dupin, Madame Pompadour, King Louis XV.  I’m still researching even though I have written 30,000 words of the novel.

IMG_4756On April 1, I began the first chapter of Book Three in Gardens in Time: Whispers of Wisdom. I’ve finished six chapters and will keep writing another 60,000 words until The End.

The times are difficult for the nation, the state, the individuals, the family but hopefully you can find the extra time to do something you thought you’d not have time for in the normal day.

For the month of May, I will be sharing about the little things I’ve added to my day during these simpler times.

What is something you’ve had time to do?IMG_4757


IMG_2782 (2)NaNoWriMo is not gibberish. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. Taking place every November, it gives writers a fun environment to write, write, write! I decided I’d join the movement this year. It’s addictive. I write some everyday on my new novel, Wait For Me. I wanted to share my progress with you.

IMG_2781 (2)IMG_2783 (2)I will say that I might not meet the 50,000 words mark due to Thanksgiving, but I am trying and making progress in my novel, which is under a strict deadline. I’ll check back in a few weeks with my word count. Right now it stands at 32,311!

IMG_2779 (2)If you are a writer this would be a great place to commit for a month. Any words are important words.

Happy writing.