End of Year Insights

cup of teaIt has happened again. The end of the year is here, giving me a chance to look back as I look forward. Do you do the same thing? I find it is an opportunity to slow down for a few days, but only a few.  I have deadlines looming, just out of reach. So, I’m taking a few blessed days to contemplate my next moves.

Hold me Close front (1)I’m excited about my next book being released sometime in February or March 2020. But for now, I want to remember how far the Revolutionary Series has come in two years. The characters are close to my heart as are the stories they live through the pages. The titles of each book have a duel meaning and carry through the series. The title of Book One–Hold Me Close, conjures images of a romance. Although that is not the number one theme of the book, a romance is present. The sentimental elements of love and affection appear in the pages of the historical novel. But Hold Me Close has a spiritual significance as God is the one holding the characters close in His plans, in His arms, in His sight.

Surround Me front (1)Book Two–Surround Me has the dual meaning also. The full title could have been Let Your Love Surround Me. Whose love? Well, the love between the couple with all the ends and outs of a romance, but also God’s love, as ultimately the characters need His love and presence to face their future together.

Bring Me Near rough (2)By now the pattern is set for the other novels in the series. Book Three–Bring Me Near carries the dual meaning onward with the human element of longing to be close for protection, support, and love. God’s role is every-present as He is there to provide the answers, comfort, protection outside of the human capabilities.

In the new year, I will pass on the title and information about Book Four. For now, I intend to relax and contemplate how I can allow God to hold me close, surround me, and bring me near.

What insights do you have from 2019? 


New for 2019

Snow Years EveI can’t believe I just wrote 2019! I’ll have to get used to that. I really don’t know where 2018 went. Yet, I am excited to step into the new year. Are you?

As I write my novels, I think about what the character feel about the new years they stepSurround Me front (1) toward. Of course, I know, since I write historical fiction, what they are facing. But they don’t. In my Revolutionary Faith series, Louis and Elizabeth see 1773 through the eyes of the pre-revolution full of questions and hopeful outcomes; 1774 with the consequences of their choices looming but hazy; 1775 battle lines drawn, and a backward path blocked forever; and 1776, well we all know about the difficult walk to independence. I doubt they wanted any of that at the beginning, but each year brought challenges–some difficult, some full of joy.

2019 is just the same! Well, I hope there is not a revolution. I don’t know when I pass from 2018 to 2019 what changes I will have to make or difficulties I’ll have to face; but, I know God has plans for me and mine that I haven’t dreamed of yet. I can’t wait to share with you what I find out in the new year.

Here are a few of my goals (although they might change as life intervenes):

  1. Re-release of Surround Me, Jan. 1.
  2. Release of Bring Me Near, Feb.!!! So excited!Bring Me Near rough (3)
  3. Finish writing Draw Me to Your Side
    (Revolutionary Faith Book Four)
  4. Help build a deck.
  5. Travel with my husband to someplace adventurous. Banner Day

Here we all go whether we want to or not…..2019 awaits.

Do you have any goals or dreams for this year?