Light of the World

Then God said, “Let there be light.”

Genesis 1:3

At Christmas time, like no other season, light finds its way into our lives. Brilliantly and demurely. Quickly and slowly. Colorful and white. Twinkling and still. As I write today, I’m sitting by my Christmas tree that’s laced with tiny white lights. This morning I lit a fragrant candle. All around me the trappings of Christmas, not as many as before, but reminders of Christmas.

The wise men followed the light, a star in the heavens. The search for light in a dark time leads one on many quests. This year renders many examples of individuals seeking a bright path, a new job, a different direction, hoping to follow the way to light, to a rewarding future. Sometimes the light, the sign, is dim especially in the bustle of life, but once a soul is still in the darkness the light glows as on a tree in an otherwise dark room. That is my favorite time—at peace with the stillness bathed in the dim rays. That is my favorite time—at peace with the stillness, bathed in the dim rays.

Jesus said, “I am the light.” One does not need to follow any other way to the truth. When the way seems dark peer a little closer. Catch that flicker of peace and hope. Jesus is Immanuel, God with us. Light can beam from other sources: a hymn, a word, a verse of Scripture, a gift, a smile, a shared moment.

This Christmas I seek the light, reaching for the peace of the Light of the World. “O Come, Lord Jesus.”

Do you have a source of light that draws you to rest in its glow?

Porch Time

IMG_7402Rise early and praise the Lord!

My normal routine (work) does not allow me to sleep later than five a.m. On the rare occasions when I can sleep later, my body awakes at six, and I force myself to stay in bed until seven. On those days, I cherish my porch time.

IMG_7367I have a beautiful front porch with comfy chairs, potted geraniums, and a view of the woods. This is my go-to place in the morning. On my days off, it’s me, my kitten Scout, the occasional train, and the presence of God.

The forest releases the dew from the tall limbs, letting it fall like rain. Sometimes it does sound like a stream making its way to the creek. When I’m not captivated by the cracking of ancient limbs in the dense woods or a squirrel’s antics, I read. Always, in any season, I have hot tea, English breakfast for me. A cat or two curl up on a blanket in my lap. Need I say it? My porch is peaceful and inviting.

For an hour, I ban all worries and negatives. My mind is clear and sharp, listening to nature, yes, but also for that voice of guidance and purpose. I’m not naive enough to think I can keep the problems away forever. Life happens. Yet, here, on my porch, life is good and sweet and focused.

I hope you have a “porch”–a chair, a corner, a nook, a patio, a space–where it’s just you and God and peace, for the moment.