Results of My Retreat

I’ve been back from my personal retreat for five days. My cabin in the woods by a lake still flutters across my mind in the early hours of the day. Can I hear the water or see the trees sway? It was needed and so very inspiring.

And very productive. The purpose involved hours and hours of writing time without the interruptions of homelife. I did not cook or clean or wash or walk my dog (I did miss that) or do my other two jobs—teaching and the library.

I wrote words, lots of words, for a new novel set in the South Pacific. I had a YouTube segment in the background of South Pacific Islands as added inspiration. In 45 minute time section, I wrote. Then I would walk to the water or hike a bit. For three days I enjoyed the quiet scenery and aloneness—my pen, my notes, and my notepad.  

What did I accomplish?

  1. I wrote 10,000 words of Room for Love. That leaves 40,000 more! What a nice start!
  2. Time to read.
  3. Long hikes in a beautiful park.

I’m ready to change a few things at home—carve out that time to be creative, away from the draw of social media and chores.

Have you ever gone away by yourself? Did you accomplish anything you’d like to share?


I am going on a three-day personal writer’s retreat to a cabin by a lake. Needless to say, I’m so excited.

I know it’s time to get away when:

      **even a small task overwhelms me

      **posts and viewing on Instagram, FB, and emails pile high and blur my vision

      **there is no time for reading or writing

My solution for this particular time is a retreat to unplug from the internet for a few days. Of course, I’ll be back. My retreat is in the woods by a lake with trails in a cabin…alone.

I’ll spend my time in research, writing, and reading. No devices that require Wi-Fi. Simplicity—only the essentials.

I’m hoping for great results:

      New ideas

      Revived physically


      Peace with God

      Prayerfully listen

Being unplugged is a gift I plan to enjoy…

When was the last time you unplugged?