American Revolution Comes to Life

Without stating my exact age, I will say that I receive the AARP magazine (you can get your card at 50!) Anyway, the Feb/March 2021 issue had George Clooney on the cover, so I HAD to open it. I didn’t even make it to his article because of a two-page advertisement.

Reliving the Revolution in South Carolina

Wow! I explored the website, made copies, and started my plan of touring American Revolution sites outside of Charleston. I have visited the places in the city, but there are two pages of places to go.

I’m going. When? Well, I hope soon… My Revolutionary Faith series will travel with me. I will see and relive pieces of what the Lestarjette family did in the pages of my novels.

Check out the website and start your own experience. Grab one of my books, too, to add to the journey.

Have you ever been to a war/battle reenactment? I have in Clinton, Mississippi.

Sister Trip to Charleston

Charleston 06 020Do you want to know a great blessing I have? Well, I have three younger sisters! We are the best of friends and love our time together. Yes, I’m the oldest, and I know that is the  best place to be! Haha! Any oldest siblings out there? I know all other positions think they are the best too. Anyway, the four of us like to choose a destination and meet there to relax, catch up, talk about everything–just exist together in the same place.

Charleston 06 022This year one sister suggested Charleston, South Carolina. Why? Because she had just finished Bring Me Near, my  Revolutionary Faith Book Three. “I want to see all those places in the books.” As well she should. Charleston holds her roots as much as mine. How could I refuse being a book tour guide to my very own sisters!

Charleston 06 042I plan on showing them the different houses featured in my books, including the Lestarjette house on Church Street. We’ll include a cemetery search behind St. Philip’s Church for Elizabeth Elliott’s parent’s tombstones. Also, on the tour are the college, the Exchange Building with the dungeon ,and most likely a house tour.

Charleston was voted the best Southern city in “Southern Living” recently. Of course, it is. And the food…we will eat and eat, soaking up the atmosphere. The city is very walkable, and we love exercise, especially since our house is in the historical district.

Charleston 06 086There is no way I will pass up a chance to research. I decided to stay an extra three days giving a few hours to research at the South Carolina Room in the Charleston County Public Library and the South Carolina Historical Society. A quick trip to Orangeburg will add an additional dimension to my research as that is where Louis and Elizabeth are buried.

I look forward to sharing tidbits about Charleston and my research. Since I’ve finished writing Draw Me to Your Side, I am anxious to start on As I Wait which involves another phase of the American Revolution.

Charleston 06 033Do you have a favorite city or destination to which you repeatedly return? Charleston is that for me.