Veteran’s Day 2021

Today is a special day of remembrance and thankfulness for our veterans who chose to sacrifice for our freedoms. Thank you so much!

One way I honor them is through my service through Daughters of the American Revolution. We support more than the Patriots of our foundation as a nation. Ours is a constant revisiting of soldiers and servicemen and servicewomen of the ages.

Also, I place flags on the gravesites of our small town cemetery established in 1884–Gibsland Cemetery. We have 33 veterans buried here that we know about. As I try to care for the cemetery, I find more stones that are buried after years of wear. A treasure hunt. Many of the names are ones of those you served in the Civil War, WWI, and WWII. The more recent warriors are represented and marked well.

Thank you! I salute your efforts and sacrifice!

Let Us Not forget–Veteran’s Day

american flagI teach at a public high school that has a strong tie to the military since an air force base is in the city.  What a privilege it is to teach the children of these service men and women. I think citizens need to know that our schools teach about patriotism and honor those who serve in order to keep us safe.

I’ve been to Arlington Cemetery outside of Washington D.C. Watching the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier always leads me to remember and be thankful for my freedom in the United States.

IMG_0190I’ve also been to the Normandy beaches and stood where so many gave their lives in a brutal battle. Walking through the rows and rows of markers at the Normandy American Cemetery brought the price of freedom to a crescendo. So many lives! The Canadian Cemetery was as emotional.

As impressive and momentous as these two places are, the Veteran’s Day program at my local high school last Thursday left a memory and reminder of the past and present-day  sacrifices of our men and women. We have a very active, inspiring JROTC program that organized and shared with the community with honored guests, music, drama, letters, and a solemn roll call. During the roll call, any veterans on the program names are called. If a faculty’s veteran family member has passed away during the past year, the solemn answer of “here” is silent. The faculty member is given a flag in honor of the one who passed away. So moving, so solemn. Tears of appreciation filled the auditorium.

IMG_5709It is good and right to take time to remember our veterans. As I write my novels, I remember that the men and women of the 1770s during the American Revolution showed such an awesome spirit of hope and freedom as they formed a new nation.

How do you remember our veterans?